Frequently Asked Questions – Oxfam Ireland Uwrapped

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oxfam Unwrapped?

Oxfam Unwrapped is a symbolic gift giving program that offers a selection of life-changing gifts. Christenings, Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings, Mother’s Day & every occasion in between – we have gifts that allow you to give something special to someone who has everything – while at the same time giving something meaningful to someone who needs it.

A gift purchased from Oxfam Ireland Unwrapped will be used to help women and men – even entire communities – gain greater self-sufficiency. Oxfam Ireland works in more than 90 countries around the world and the gifts we offer through Unwrapped represent actual items used in our programs.

The principle behind Oxfam Unwrapped is that your gift works in two ways:

  1. By supporting the fight against poverty
  2. By helping women and men reach a greater level of self-sufficiency and control over their lives. 

More Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does Oxfam Unwrapped work?

Once you've selected your gifts on our platform, we send your recipients a card notifying them that a gift has been delivered to a community in need on their behalf. The outside of the card depicts the gift you've chosen. The inside of the card contains information about how your gift is making a difference to the lives of people who receive them.

How can I purchase Unwrapped gifts?

  1. Buy online now
  2. Visit your local Oxfam shop
  3. Call 1800 30 40 55 (Republic of Ireland) or 0800 0 30 40 55 (Northern Ireland)

Does a cow really cost €50?

To explain the costs of all our Unwrapped items would take a while but, when you make your purchase, you're giving more than just the item you chose. For example, when giving a cow, you are also providing vaccinations, transport, and livestock-care training.

As this site uses the most up to date automated and rounded up exchange rates, some sterling prices may vary slightly from the sterling prices in our shops.

Where does the money go?

The gifts given through Oxfam Unwrapped are actually donations raised in support of Oxfam's live-changing work around the world. Our aim is to make the best use of the funds raised through Unwrapped by making the biggest possible difference to the lives of people living in poverty around the world.

Your Unwrapped gift provides a range of practical supports such as clean water, sanitation facilities, cash vouchers to allow households to buy food, mosquito nets to prevent malaria as well as personal hygiene items.  We also work to ensure that the rights of the most vulnerable – small children and the elderly, people living with HIV and those with disabilities – are recognised and supported. 

Can my gift go to a particular country?

Unfortunately, no. Coordinating the delivery of items on this level would cause Oxfam to incur too many costs and would reduce the effectiveness of the Unwrapped program overall. We will ensure that your gift goes to a country where Oxfam works and where the need is the greatest.

What kind of cards do you have?

We offer electronic (E-card), PDF and hard copy versions of our cards which you can personalise with your own message. You can e-mail your card directly to yourself or the recipient, print your card at home, or we can post a print card through An Post / Royal Mail directly to the recipient or to you.

The cards available are depicted on the individual gift pages. Currently, we offer one card style per gift.

Can I send a card directly to my friend?

You can send a card directly to your friend via the Unwrapped website. You can add your own personal message and send directly to the person receiving the gift.

Can I get one card for multiple gifts?

Yes, you can choose to have one card for two or more of the same gift. On the "Personalise your card" page you are able to indicate the number of cards you would like. You will then be able to personalise your card, select the kind of card you prefer (e-card, PDF or hard copy) and the method of delivery.

Can I place a message in the card?

You are able to include a personal message in the card through the Unwrapped site for the PDF card, E-card and hard copy.

You can choose from three options:

  1. Post a hard copy card to me, and I'll write it myself.
  2. Email my personalised PDF or e-card to me, so I can print it out.
  3. Send my personalised e-card or PDF card directly to the recipient.

How long does it take for my card to be delivered?

We offer the option to send electronic (E-card), PDF and hard copy versions of the cards. You can pre-schedule the date you would like your e-card to arrive, or send them within 24 hours at the time of purchase. If you request to print your card at home, you will receive this within 24 hours in your email inbox. Please not any electronic orders placed on weekends will be delivered on next working day.

We aim to process all postal orders within three working days, however, please allow extra time during the festive period to fulfil these orders. Ecards and Print at Home cards will be processed within 24 hours or next working day.

Hard copy versions of the cards, to be posted to yourself or your recipient, are printed and posted within 3 working days. If you are hoping to have a mailed card arrive before December 25, 2022, we recommend placing your order prior to December 22, 2022 (Ireland), December 20, 2022 (Northern Ireland), December 19, 2022 (Great Britain) or December 19, 2022 (rest of Europe) to guarantee it arrives on time.

How do I reissue my "e" or PDF cards if they have not arrived?

There are many reasons why your cards may have not been delivered to the email inbox you requested such as computer settings, firewalls, or antivirus software. Please try checking for your card in your "junk" folder in your inbox. For further assistance, please email

What happens if my Unwrapped Hard copy card(s) have not arrived?

We aim to process all postal orders within three working days, however, please allow extra time during the festive period to fulfil these orders. If for some reason your hard copy card has not arrived, please email and we will be able to issue you a new card.

Is my gift tax-efficient?

For more information on how to make your gift tax-efficient please click here 

Why do you need my phone number?

In the past there have been occasions when cards have not been received in time because of incorrect address information. Having a phone number allows us to correct this issue quickly when it occurs.

Is Unwrapped only for Christmas?

Whether you're giving for a Christening, Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings, Mother’s Day & every occasion in between – Unwrapped gifts are always available for purchase.

How does Oxfam decide where my gifts will go?

The decision where to direct the gift is determined by the needs of Oxfam staff and partners and finding where the gift will have the most impact and do the most good. Each gift is symbolic in that it represents an actual part of our work, but is actually a donation which will be used to help those who need it most.

How secure is my information?

Oxfam Ireland promises to take great care with your personal data, and we commit to protecting any personal information we obtain about you, whether you are a financial supporter, shopper, volunteer, employee/applicant or campaigner.

Our Privacy Policy sets out how and why we obtain, use and protect personal information if you interact with us in one of the above roles.

It is important that you read this Privacy Policy together with any other privacy notice or fair processing notice we may provide on specific occasions when we are collecting or processing personal data about you so that you are fully aware of how and why we are using your data. See our Full Privacy Policy Here

What does Oxfam do?

Oxfam takes on the big issues that keep people poor: inequality, discrimination and unequal access to resources including food, water and decent work. Oxfam Ireland supports a global movement for change – and women are leading that change. Women play a critical leadership role  in our partner organisations and communities that address the root causes of local poverty, address barriers to development, and help communities gain:

  • more secure and equitable incomes
  • greater access to clean and safe water 
  • access to healthcare and education
  • equal opportunities to participate in public life
  • equal freedom to make choices

We mobilise people and resources in Ireland and around the world to change policies, practices, attitudes and behaviours that create inequality and human suffering. We are committed to strengthening a global movement in support of human rights and gender justice on a healthy planet. You can read more about Oxfam and our work at